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Tim Shaws Latest Project

Hate to name drop... But, Tim Shaw has been back to JP exhausts for some manifolds building to his latest Project - The Mustang 1969!

This cars full story has yet to be revealed to the public by Tim Shaw, and he has asked us to keep it fairly quiet until he says so.... But, we can release a small teaser on our website...

The vehicle arrived in a 'bare shell' state and still needed much more work doing... Other than the engine and chassis, there was not much for us to work with... However, he first needed to get the stainless steel manifolds in place on the Edelbrock V8 as they require quite a lot of space from the engine compartment. Once these manifolds were fitted this would allow the correct measurements to be set, and then the rest of the engine compartment can start to take form with the other essential components that will be required for his build.

He will be back in later in the year for the rest of the exhaust to be completed once he has had some other work done... and to chose some tailpipes and he was too " spoilt for choice" to make his mind up at the time...

All the best for now Tim!

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27 Ιαν 2023

Nice, Thanks for Sharing, Thanks and regards SAM Web Studio

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