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Bespoke / Custom Exhaust Manifolds

JP Exhausts have manufactured bespoke / custom manifolds for over four decades and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this industry. Our bespoke / custom manifolds will ensure an improved delivery of gasses from the engine block, through to the exhaust compared to the original manifold and front pipe.

We aim to achieve all of our clients aspirations by designing the primary and secondary pipes on the sports manifold with balanced precision, then expertly handcrafting an ultra smooth collector that will merge the gasses together perfectly, resulting in a enhanced flow rate and responsiveness to the overall drive.

Our advanced manufacturing capabilities allow us to create the highest quality bespoke custom manifolds, using aircraft quality T304 grade stainless steel and combined with superior TIG weld construction ensures a superlative finish. These hallmark techniques allow us to give a unique 5 year warranty on our bespoke / custom manifolds to the original purchaser.


Note –

Our bespoke / custom manifolds can be purge welded as an optional extra, this ensures a smoother flow on the inside of the tube where the weld may have penetrated. (please ask for details).

Power testing and Sound testing on our sports manifolds is also available as an optional extra (please ask for details).

We offer this experienced bespoke / custom manifold service for the following applications –


Cars (historic, road, track, motorsport).


Bikes (historic, road, track, motorsport).


Commercial (historic, road, track, motorsport).

Or view examples of our work below.


Service Levels

Each customer starts with a bespoke / custom exhaust consultation with our experienced development team. Ideally, we prefer to view the vehicle at our factory in Congleton (Cheshire) to go through your requirements. However, if the initial traveling is an issue we can give rough quotations by viewing clear and descriptive pictures over email.

As we discuss the clients requirements from their Stainless steel sports exhaust we can also advise accordingly taking into consideration present legal emissions and sound regulations.


We have various options for our clients to ensure the vehicle can be delivered to our factory once everything is agreed to undertake the sports exhaust project - 


Standard Service

The vehicle is driven to our factory in person by the client, this is the more popular option that incurs no extra costs. 


Silver Service

We offer a vehicle collection service where one of our experienced team can collect the vehicle in person from your premises, driving the vehicle back to our factory to under take the work. Returning it back to you upon completion.

Note - Our drivers are fully insured.

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 14.20.11.png

Gold Service

For clients who want an assured piece of mind that no mileage or potential mishaps can be encountered during the experience, we offer a vehicle collection service using a fully enclosed trailer. Again, one of our experienced team will collect the vehicle in person from your premises, loading the vehicle onto the trailer, then returning it to you upon completion in the same manner.

Note - Our driver and trailer is fully insured. 

Examples of some Bespoke / Custom built Manifolds

(See our application pages for the full galleries) 


Xtreme Motorsport (British Rallycross Championship) 

“Before arriving at JP Exhausts, power testing revealed the car to be down on expected power. Working closely with the design team, we were able to optimise the exhaust and manifold design to significantly improve and enhance the gas flow as well as making it more robust for the demands of the British Rallycross Championship. ”

Shaun Lomax

XtremeRX Team manger

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