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American Car Exhausts & Manifolds

JP Exhausts offer a complete exhaust manufacturing service for American vehicles with experience working with Muscle Cars, Pickup Trucks, Van and Recreational Vehicles (RVs). We have an existing product range to cover many popular models along with a bespoke service. 


Hand built in the heart of Cheshire; JP Exhausts are made to the highest levels of quality.


With over 45 years of knowledge, experience and manufacturing expertise, we have what it takes to create the perfect exhaust setup for American vehicles. We offer a full range of performance exhaust services for American car owners with the ability to create completely custom layouts for complex patterns set us apart from the competition.

We have an extensive American car exhaust pattern list. If your particular vehicle is not within our existing collection, we offer a fully bespoke performance exhaust service at our workshop in Cheshire. These fully custom setups are built around the customer’s precise requirements and taste.

All of our prestige performance exhausts come with a lifetime guarantee (terms apply) for as long as the vehicle is in your ownership giving you the confidence to invest in the best exhaust system for your pride and joy.

Or view our Quick Gallery below.


Service Levels

Each customer starts with an exhaust consultation with our experienced development team. Ideally, we prefer to view the vehicle at our factory in Congleton (Cheshire) to go through your requirements. However, if the initial traveling is an issue we can give rough quotations by viewing clear and descriptive pictures over email.

As we discuss the clients requirements from their American performance exhaust we can also advise accordingly taking into consideration present legal emissions and sound regulations.


We have various options for our clients to ensure the vehicle can be delivered to our factory once everything is agreed to undertake the sports exhaust project - 


Standard Service

The vehicle is driven to our factory in person by the client, this is the more popular option that incurs no extra costs. 


Silver Service

We offer a vehicle collection service where one of our experienced team can collect the vehicle in person from your premises, driving the vehicle back to our factory to under take the work. Returning it back to you upon completion.

Note - Our drivers are fully insured.

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 14.20.11.png

Gold Service

For clients who want an assured piece of mind that no mileage or potential mishaps can be encountered during the experience, we offer a vehicle collection service using a fully enclosed trailer. Again, one of our experienced team will collect the vehicle in person from your premises, loading the vehicle onto the trailer, then returning it to you upon completion in the same manner.

Note - Our driver and trailer is fully insured. 

American Car Quick Gallery


Cliff Severn - Corvette Stingray

"JP Exhausts made a system for my Corvette Stingray over 8 years ago, and it's been great - nice and grumbly  and it's lasted very well. Making the equal-length downpipes was very tricky, getting them exactly equal required real skill with the stainless tubes. I've tried other places, but the quality of the work at JP is excellent for reasonable prices - other specialists could do the same but charge astronomical prices. Thank you once again. "

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