• Improved performance.
  • Enhanced exhaust note, without causing excessive cabin noise.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Competitive prices.


The first step in achieving our design criteria was to obtain a standard exhaust system for examination.  It soon became apparent that the diameter of the original pipe-work was suitable and that the large centre bypass silencer was the main area of restriction in the exhaust (see pic 2). With the two smaller rear silencers being of a straight thru' free flowing design already, we decided to replace the bypass silencer with a straight thru' silencer which would greatly improve flow and also bring with it a much better exhaust note. Having made our first prototype it was time to check the results.

On a test drive the engine felt much more responsive and lively throughout the rev range, especially when pulling off from a standing start.  This was as expected after removing the bypass silencer and replacing it with a free flowing alternative.  The surprise was that the exhaust note had not changed at all and was still extremely muted.  After some deliberation it was decided to remove the rear silencers to see how this affected the exhaust note.  We manufactured some rear pipes without silencers and attached everything back on and set off for another test drive.  The engine sounded fantastic, with the rear silencers removed the V6 engine had a low rumble very reminiscent of a petrol V8.

Now that we were happy with the exhaust note as well as the increase in engine pick up we returned the car to John (customer) so that he could use it for a month to check there were no problems and confirm our feelings that the exhaust sounded great and also improved engine pick up.  John's initial feedback after a week was promising, he reported the engine felt much more enthusiastic and sounded great, his only worry was a slight drone from the exhaust at motorway cruising speed.  We asked John to keep monitoring and come back to the workshop in a few more weeks so we could check on the exhaust.

A short run on the motorway confirmed that the exhaust note was indeed a little bit too loud.  We knew that two full size silencers would completely mute the exhaust so decided to manufacture some acoustic tailpipes (see pic 5).  These are basically small silencers built into the tailpipes.  Once fitted we sent John on his way to check the results. A few hours later we had a very happy customer on the phone.  The acoustic tailpipes had worked, banishing the drone at motorway speeds but still keeping that V6 rumble in normal driving conditions.


  • Manufactured entirely from grade 304 stainless steel at our Macclesfield workshop.
  • Pipework is mandrel bent single 63.5mm O/D splitting into 2 x 50.8mm.
  • Main silencer is double skinned to prevent "stainless ring"
  • Acoustic tailpipes x 2 (2 sizes 3 88.9mm round or 127mm X 76.2mm oval).

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